GSA-Technology – The Perfect Connector System

GSA Technology AG has been researching and developing high performance connecting systems for the modern timber construction engineer. The GSA-Technology is a registered label (Nr. 654036, GSA-Technology) and has a European Technical Assessment ETA-19/0752 dated 12.05.2020. It consists of various tested and patented application systems to provide high performance and standardised connectors for timber construction. This system offers several advantages in comparison to the conventional sytems. We are convinced that GSA-Technology has a great future. We encourage the use and spread of GSA-Technology through our licence system. As a licensee, you can develop your projects with us. You can add value by assuming certain parts in the development of the project. As licensee, you represent the label and are a part of the growing GSA-Network. A once only licence fee is required. Each object is also subjected to certain fees:

  • Standardized system: This means high availability and a short response time
  • Higher Level of completion: This means a higher level of precision and quality. as well as lower costs
  • Architecture: Aesthetically appealing, nearly invisible connections
  • Fire prevention: The connectors are protected, thereby improving behavior
  • Efficient assembly due to the GSA plug connector elements

We are very interested to form partnerships overseas. Bruno Abplanalp ( is your contact.


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