We are “Timber Contractor of the Year 2023”

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible | Many thanks to Holzkurier for crowing our first place … more

We are at the International Timber Construction Forum in Innsbruck

From 30th November – 02nd December 2022 we will be present at the International Timber Construction Forum (IHF) in Innsbruck.
GSA Technology AG will present the high-performance fastener of modern timber construction in more detail – our GSA Technology. The fair is THE platform to inform yourself about the latest technologies in timber construction. From practice, for practice – that is the guiding idea for the visitor groups of architects, engineers, planners and builders.

Come and see us!

Impressive pictures from our production

Production of GSA frameworks for the new Kost Holzbau AG workshop, Küssnacht am Rigi … more

New construction of dam deer stables, Gross CH

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Coop provisionale sale, Bachenbülach CH

Object of the month Year of construction: 2021 Client: Frutiger AG, Uetendorf CH, Builder-owner: Coop Genossenschaft, Bachenbülach CH… more

Aesthetics in woodwork

The high-performance connector in modern timber construction engineering



The essential elements of the GSA-Technology consist of glulam, epoxy resin and steel.


Research & Development

We see Research & Development as the birthplace of the latest connector technologies in modern timber engineering.



Would you like to become a licensee of this high performance connections?